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The Battle of Spidermans


There’s always been the classic argument of which superhero is better. Could it be Batman with his impeccable strength and raspy grandpa voice? Or Superman with his good looks and…nice hair. Superheroes have it hard enough with people debating their talents and costumes, but when The Amazing Spiderman came into theaters this week a new argument arose for superhero fans and moviegoers alike. Which Spiderman is better? Well, I’ll let you guess. It’s the one with ten times the dramatic tension, 20 times the romance, and 30 times the cinematic beauty. It’s The Amazing Spiderman everyone.


If you haven’t gotten the chance to get your eyes away from Tumblr, get off your butt and see that shit in IMAX. The Amazing Spiderman takes leaps and bounds to the superhero story many of us have already grown to love. Marc Webb once again beautifully illustrates a film, allowing you (the-soon-to-be-if-have-not-already viewer) to feel the story due to strikingly intense visuals that make you feel the action and romance of the story. Similarly seen in 500 Days of Summer, Webb creates a connection between camera and actor with unique shots that (watch out) have the power behind them to cause goosebumps and stomach drops. This connection is also heavily helped by the truly well performed characters of Peter Parker, Gwen Stacey, Uncle Ben, Aunt Mae, and even Flash. The emotion in this film is balanced so well with comedic timing and intense battles that you never feel jipped on action or romance. I just pray to the movie gods that the elegant performances of Garfield and Stone will not leave this movie’s legacy as merely a superhero chick flick. If the visuals and acting are not enough reason for you to pay 10 bucks for a movie you feel you’ve already seen, I can give you one more very important reason—the score is sophisticated and perfect. James Horner once again succeeds in further developing emotional intensity in a film with his perfectly crafted score, so much that you can only here the Titanic-ness of it in only a few scenes.

Ladies and gentlemen, The Amazing Spiderman has grasped something great for film and that’s the richness of entertainment and the purity of a beautiful film. I’m not rooting for Oscars or announcing that this one movie will change your life and the way you see all of humanity, but you will not leave unsatisfied.

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